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Side dishes

A delicacy of perfumed, long grain basmati rice, flavoured with exotic spices and cooked on a low flame, layered with a variety of meats and vegetables

Curry dishes can be served in the following variaties: tikka masala (traditional North Indian, classically cooked with cream and almonds), korma (a mildy sweet and creamy dish flavoured with coconut), pasanda (traditional Mugal dish, gently flavoured), jalfrezi (quick, stir fri, with a sweet and sour flavour), doh piazah (two different types of onions, added at different stages of cooking), bhuna (fairly fry fried curry containing onions and spices), balti (tasty and tangy, made with coriander, cumin, chilli pepper and ginger), rogan josh (midly spicy, slow cooked from the mountains of Kashmir), karahi (shallow fried in a reduced tomato and green peper and onion), dhansak (a medley of lentils and pineapple), madras (rich and intensely spicy, South Indian curry), vindaloo (traditional spicy South Goan dish) or phal (extremely hot curry)

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in traditional indian cooking. The combination of meats and spices cooked over an intense fire is hard to beat

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