Taj Mahal Blanquerna

India Medio Oriental

Calle Blanquerna, 6, Palma de Mallorca, 07003

Entrega desde 13:15

Nota: Puedes utilizar tus cheques restaurante, siempre y cuando realices tu pago a través de Just Eat (este restaurante no acepta cheques restaurante en formato papel)

A combination of special curries not very hot and cooked with a special selection of herbs & aromatics

Hot curries with herbs & chilli peppers

A popular curry specially prepared, not very hot, with onions

A popular mild freshly prepared rich cream sauce with garam masala, tomatoes & fresh coriander

This dish is served sweet & sour with lentils & peppers

Very hot curries

Made with fresh cream, almonds & pistachios

A combination special, of onions fresh peppers & a selection of herbs

A mild curry served with a selection of fruits herbs & spices

Curry made with fresh cream, raisins, coconut & almonds. A mild creamy dish with herbs & spices

A curry made maximum use of tomato, a selection of herbs and spices not oo spicy

Mixed with rice

Balti dishes:

These vegetarian Balti dishes are prepared with onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger, cummin seeds, fresh coriander, herbs & spices, served in a balti

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