Bombay Dreams Indian Restaurant

India Medio Oriental

Calle Trasera San Blas, 55, Oasis del Sur, 38639

Recógelo a las 14:20

Nota: Puedes utilizar tus cheques restaurante, siempre y cuando realices tu pago a través de Just Eat (este restaurante no acepta cheques restaurante en formato papel)

All served with curry sauce

This curry is cooked with spices

This curry is cooked in chef's speciality

This curry is cooked mild creamy sauce with coconut

This curry is cooked with herbs, and green chillies with lightly sour flavour. Fairly hot

This curry is cooked in a special curry sauce, dry and spicy medium hot. Includes fresh onions, capsicums and coriander

This curry is cooked with chopped onions, ginger and coriander served in a thick sauce medium hot

This curry is medium hot sauce with green onions and red capsicums

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